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easy payment processing

Easy Groovv® Terminal One™ Setup
Get up and running in minutes with easy online activation and setup.

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emv compliance
EMV: What you need to Know
Learn how EMV is making payments more secure, and what the liability shift means for U.S. merchants.
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accept apple pay

Accepting Apple Pay & EMV
It’s easy to accept Apple Pay and EMV Cards with Groovv.

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emv tipping

Tipping with EMV
Learn the new way accept tips with EMV

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semi integrated payment processing

Semi-Integrated Solution
Our semi-integrated solution makes it easy and affordable for software developers to enable EMV compliant payment solutions.

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PCI compliance

Complying with PCI DSS
PCI Compliance ensures that companies process, store, and transmit credit card information securely.

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switch to groovv

How to switch to Groovv® as your payment processor
If you already have a payment processor, it’s easy to switch to Groovv.

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