When you run a restaurant, bar, bakery or other establishment that sells food, competition is often tough. Groovv payment and marketing solutions can give you an edge by helping you accept more payments, grow your customer base, and run your business smoothly.

“Our mobile presence is important to us and Groovv Offers is a great tool for managing and building that, and it’s really convenient to work with a Groovv marketing coach who can implement things we haven’t had time to do yet.”

– The Slaw Dogs

Get Paid

$0 Groovv Terminal One & Low Processing Rates

Groovv’s meet-or-beat guarantee ensures you get the lowest processing rates in the industry. At no cost to you after rebate, Groovv Terminal One is an NFC and EMV-ready card reader that’s easy to use and gives customers numerous ways to pay. Learn more.

Groovv Point of Sale Systems

Groovv POS enables tipping and split tickets while processing payments from credit and debit cards – as well as digital wallet apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay – with its EMV/NFC reader. The solution’s inventory management and business intelligence software provide further tools to help you grow your business. Learn more.

Groovv Online Payments

Sales come from many places, and Groovv enables you to accept orders over the phone, online and by mail while ensuring data security for your customers. Learn more.


Food Trucks and Mobile Sales

The no-cost Groovv Terminal One is great solution to get you started accepting credit cards and other payment types. When you’re established and want additional capabilities like inventory management, tipping, check splitting and robust sales analytics software, then the Groovv POS Flex system provides an easy, affordable and fully mobile solution.

Bakeries, Cafes, Fast Casual and Quick Service Restaurants

If your operation is stationary and you want a top-shelf solution that can complement your counter, consider the Groovv POS All In one. You get the option of the same kitchen printer and marketing add-ons you find in the POS Flex system as well as a built-in touchscreen tablet, barcode scanner, receipt printer and cash drawer. You also receive an EMV/NFC payment machine and a stand.

Grow Your Sales

Groovv Offers

Let Groovv’s solutions help you jump-start your email and social media presence. Drive customers to your website and into your store, and you can then reward them with discounts and other promotions. Our web-based tool can make starting and maintaining a customer database quick and easy. Learn more.

PassMarket Rewards, Loyalty & More

Embedded into Groovv POS, the PassMarket tool makes building a loyal customer base easy by enabling sign-up at checkout with a phone number. With PassMarket, customers can receive your sales and promotions whenever they come within range of your store. Learn more.

Manage Your Business

Sell Smarter with Groovv POS

With Groovv POS on your side, the day-to-day tasks involved in maintaining your business become easier. Managing inventory, discovering sales trends and running marketing campaigns through the system will help you plan for and take charge of your business’ future. Learn more.


Gauging your profits and sales in real time can put you in the driver’s seat. The Groovv Transactions portal enables you to analyze results from your laptop, PC or mobile phone. Groovv POS customers can take advantage of back office reporting for deep analysis of business performance.

Additional Solutions

The Groovv brand is part of Total Merchant Services, which for 20 years has been providing merchants solutions to make running a business easier. More available solutions include additional terminal models, gift card and customer loyalty programs and even cash advance choices. Visit our website to Learn More.

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