As a service related business, your customer’s satisfaction is a top priority. From professional service startups to family-run dry cleaners, Groovv is the partner that can help you grow and better manage your small business.

Get Paid

$0 Groovv Terminal One & Low Processing Rates

Accept credit cards and other payments with the no-cost Groovv Terminal One (after rebate) and gain the guaranteed lowest payment processing rates. Learn more.

Point of Sale Systems

Accept all payment types with the added benefits of inventory management and business intelligence software – all in an attractive, compact system that’s easy to set up and use. Learn more.

Groovv Online Payments

Sell your products and accept payments online, over the phone, through the mail, or with recurring billing. Learn more.

Grow Your Sales

Groovv Offers

Attract new and repeat business with email, mobile and social media promotions and offers. You can easily collect customer information and grow your list from a single web-based tool. Learn more.

PassMarket Rewards, Loyalty & More

The PassMarket marketing tool is fully integrated with the Groovv POS system, enabling you to build your customer base, offer rewards and loyalty programs, publish coupons, and even push messages through geo-fenced beacons to nearby customers. Learn more.

Manage Your Business

Groovv POS

To optimize your business, our Groovv Point of Sale (POS) solution provides powerful software featuring inventory management so you never miss a sale, financial reporting so you know what’s selling when and can identify sales trends, and built-in marketing tools to manage customer profiles and outreach. Learn more.


You can analyze your business transactions online through our Groovv Transactions portal. Our Groovv POS back office provides even more sophisticated reporting options to measure sales for each product or SKU against numerous variables, enabling you to better assess revenue and profitability.

Additional Solutions

Groovv is a part of Total Merchant Services, a 20-year payment processing company which offers additional solutions outside the Groovv brand family, including additional terminals, cash advances, gift cards and loyalty programs. Feel free to visit our site to learn more.

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