If you’re an ISO looking for a competitive advantage, Groovv is a game-changer. With Groovv, you have the opportunity to offer small businesses cutting-edge solutions that will help them grow and help you gain more sales.

Change the Conversation to Value

In the past, selling payment solutions meant focusing solely on processing rates. With Groovv, you can offer merchants great rates along with modern solutions that will drive their business success both immediately and for years to come.

Offer Comprehensive, Omni-Channel Solutions

Groovv includes a full suite of solutions to help merchants accept all forms of payment – in both card present and card not present transactions.

  • Groovv POS systems help businesses manage and optimize their operations and have flexible hardware and peripheral options to meet merchants’ specific needs.
  • Our two marketing tools enable merchants to increase traffic, grow their customer base, and increase revenue from both new and existing customers.
  • The Groovv Online Payments solution allows merchants to expand their sales to online, phone and mail orders, while offering secure transactions and recurring billing options to consumers.

Get Outstanding Compensation and Support

Groovv is a part of Total Merchant Services, which has been supporting the success of ISOs and sales partners throughout its 20-year history. We offer partners:

Top compensation: We offer top bonus and lifetime residuals programs.

Great resources: Outstanding marketing resources and our dedicated support team help sales partners succeed.

No upfront costs: You can get started selling Groovv solutions without buying the products yourselves. We even provide free sales training to put you on the path to success.

To learn more about the benefits of working with us, visit our partnership site.

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